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Reactivate Former Customers

This excellent tool is designed for subscription businesses. It figures out the reason for cancellation for each customer and automatically generates and sends the best promotion to the customer to keep them or bring them back. The personalized features allow you to keep a high customer retention rate.
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Our application automatic sales support system business(subgrow) was evaluated by Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Promotion Agency as having business potential.

How it works
Step 1. Connect our SDK with your app

Just download it from GitHub. And one more step.
Here are some tips that can help developers. Setup is within a day, and customers will start returning to your app right away.

Available platforms:



Step 2. Start collecting Consumer Insight Data based on subscriber activity.

The system collects detailed analytics on the behavior and events of subscribers happening in the app.You no longer have to think about churn data statistics with many parameters.And it does not require any personal information as the app's user information is managed by an anonymous ID.

Step 3. Capture special offers to reduce cancellation

Provide the best incentives, such as the best discounts or special offers, based on the reason for cancellation in order to retain subscribers. You can set the content of the offer in advance, and the offer will be automatically sent to the user based on the reason for cancellation.Utilizing the algorithms cultivated over many years, we propose various patterns of efficient and effective discount offers.

Why is it important to use Cancellation Insights?
„It costs 5 times more to acquire new customers than it does to keep an existing one“
Plans & Pricing




Less than 10k paying users

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10-50k paying users

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50-100k paying users

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100-200k paying users

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Over 200k paying users

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Services For all plans

  • Provide a program to integrate SDK into the application
  • Provide reasons for cancellation
  • Automatic creation of offers based on the user’s past billing period and reason for cancellation
  • Provide a program to create offers manually
  • Server-side receipt issuance
  • Analysis of subscription status
  • CRM and analysis data of paid users
  • 1 month trial period

“subgrow” is the 4th Monodzukuri Subsidy Adoption Project supported by Small and Medium Business Administration in Japan.
Bogunov Inc. is a registered company with unified qualifications of all ministries and agencies and a declaration of partnership building planned by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.

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